Learn How to use Curl Command in Linux with Examples

Curl is a powerful utility that can use to both download and upload data to servers. The curl command in Linux Supports many kinds of protocols, including HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, SMB and More.

This tutorial Mainly Focuses on HTTP and FTP Protocol. First we will see how to use curl command to retrieve data through the HTTP Protocol, Then we will use curl with FTP protocol to Download and Upload files.

Run Hello World Container on Docker Engine

Let’s run a hello world container on our Docker Engine. The Hello world container will confirm that our docker engine is up and running correctly on our computer.

Download WordPress Latest Version with wget command

Download the latest version of the WordPress installation package using the wget command and curl command.

Install Redis Server on Ubuntu 16.04

We will install redis server on Ubuntu and access the server with redis-cli command.

Then, we are going to configure redis server to allow connections from remote computers.

List Docker Containers with docker ps command

In this docker tutorial we are going to learn How to list docker containers with docker ps Command. With ps command only running containers are shown by default.