Install php MongoDB driver on Ubuntu/CentOS 7/Windows

In order to use MongoDB in our PHP programs, we need to install php mongodb driver. It is a PHP extension that manages the connection to the MongoDB server and enables you to perform all kinds of operations on a NoSQL database through PHP.

Install XAMPP Server on Windows

LAMP is a term describing a software package that includes Apache Web Server, MySQL Database and PHP programming language. XAMPP is one such package that provides all of these components for Windows operating system.

Install phpMyAdmin on CentOS 7 for PHP 7

In this tutorial we will learn how to install phpMyAdmin on CentOS 7 for PHP 7.

Epel repository provides a phpMyAdmin package for PHP 5, But it is not compatible with PHP 7. For PHP 7, we need to manually download and setup phpMyAdmin web interface.

How to Install LAMP Stack on CentOS 7

We are going to need a web server, a database, and PHP in order to serve dynamic PHP websites. LAMP is a term describing web server that includes all of these software packages.

CentOS 7 LAMP stack includes, following components.

Allow Remote Connections to MongoDB in Ubuntu/CentOS/Windows

By default mongod process binds to loopback interface in Linux (in /etc/mongod.conf), which means no remote access to the database server. In windows the mongod process binds to all interfaces unless you have set the bindIp option in the main configuration file.