Windows 10

Install XAMPP Server on Windows

LAMP is a term describing a software package that includes Apache Web Server, MySQL Database and PHP programming language. XAMPP is one such package that provides all of these components for Windows operating system.

Install cURL Command on Windows 10

Install cURL on Windows – Learn the easiest way to Install curl for Windows Operating System. The cURL command-line utility comes installed in most Unix Like operating systems, including Linux and Mac OS.

How to Enable Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 10

The Remote desktop feature in Microsoft windows 10 allows user to access their Windows 10 PC from a remote Computer using a remote desktop client. Once you enable the remote desktop, you can access your windows 10 computer from anywhere from any device.

By default, remote desktop connection is disabled and blocked by the windows firewall in windows 10. In this tutorial we are going to learn how to enable remote desktop connection in Windows 10 Operating System.

How to Turn on Network Discovery and File Sharing in Windows 10

Windows Tips and Tricks – In Windows 10 network discovery and file sharing are turned off by default. In this Tutorial we are going to learn how to turn on network discovery and file sharing on Windows 10 Operating System.

Network discovery and File Sharing allow windows to auto detect shared computers on your network and also allow other computers on your network to discover your computer.

How to Install Windows Live Messenger on Windows 10

Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) is a instant messaging software provides by the Microsoft. Windows Live Messenger is a part of Windows Essentials 2012 suite, which is not installed by default on Windows 10.

In This Article I am going to show you how to install Windows Live Messenger on Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System.

How Enable Windows 8 Start Screen on Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Introduced New Start screen with Windows 8 instead of traditional start menu. Windows 8 start screen was especially designed for the touch devices and did not go well with the traditional desktop users. So with Windows 10 Microsoft switched back to the start menu, but start screen still available as an option.

If you are using Windows 10 on Touch Device you may want to try windows 8 like start screen on windows 10. In This Windows 10 tutorial we are going to learn how to activate windows 8 start screen on Windows 10 Operating System.

How to Open Command Prompt in Windows 10 and Run as Administrator

Let’s See How to Open Windows Command Prompt in Microsoft Windows 10 Desktop. We will be Also Learning How to run command prompt as administrator in Windows 10.
In Windows 10 we can start command prompt from either Cortana Box or from the windows start menu.

How to Add New Hard Drive to Windows 10

Most of the Windows 10 Computer comes with a one single hard drive, But you may want to add a second hard drive as you are running out of disk space.

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to add new hard drive to Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System. And I Assume you have already attached your new hard disk physically to your computer.

How to Install .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 10

In this article we are going to see how to install .NET framework 3.5 on Microsoft Windows 10 Operating system.

By default windows 10 installation comes with Microsoft .NET framework 4.6. But some softwares and application requires .NET framework 3.5 in order to works. For example, Windows essential 2012 suit need version 3.5 to run.

How to Install Sqlite3 on Windows 10

Sqlite is a serverless relational database management system, what we called as an embedded database. It is very lightweight and very easy to use. In this article we are going to see how to install sqlite database on Microsoft windows 10 operating system.

Sqlite3 installation file for windows 10 is a zip file, which contains the sqlite3.exe. What we have to do is Download and extract zip file to hard drive, then access the sqlite3.exe from the windows 10 command line.

Download and Install Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10

This article shows you how to download and install windows movie maker on Microsoft Windows 10 desktop. Movie maker is a very good video editor with lots of cool features And it is free for Windows 10.

Movie Maker is now part of the Microsoft Windows Essential suit, which also includes windows messenger, mail and writer. But we will show you how to install movie maker only. So follow along.

How to Install Python 3 on Windows 10 Desktop

It is very easy to install python on windows 10. All we have to do is download the setup from and run the setup.

First, Go to following URL and Download the latest python 3 installer for Windows 10 (.exe setup file).

Once the download is finished, Double click on the downloaded file to start the installation process.

How to Install VirtualBox Extension pack on Windows 10

In previous Tutorial we learn how to install Oracle VM VirtualBox on Windows 10. This section shows you how to Install VirtualBox Extension pack on Windows 10.

Even though it is not essential, VirtualBox extension pack enables additional features like USB support and Remote Desktop Connections to virtual machines. So it is better to install the extension pack before we start to create and running Virtual Machines on Windows 10.

How to Install VirtualBox on Windows 10

Oracle VM VirtualBox is a free Virtualization software which we can use to create Virtual machines on Microsoft Windows 10. If you are looking for a free Virtualization software for Windows 10, Then Oracle VM VirtualBox is the best choice.

In this article we will see how to download and install VirtualBox on Windows 10 Desktop. So follow along.