How to Restart Debian Linux From Command Line

We can restart debian Linux from the command line using systemctl command, reboot command and shutdown command. All Three commands can use to restart debian Linux System.

Restart Debian Linux using systemctl Command

Systemctl command which uses to manage systemd services can also use to restart Debian Linux with reboot option.

systemctl reboot

Systemctl command will shutdown all running services and process before restart the debian system.

Restart debian Linux using reboot command

Quickest way to restart debian is to use reboot command. Type reboot in the terminal and your debian server will restart immediately.


Restart Debian using shutdown command

Command Option -r in shutdown command use to reboot the machine. Unlike other two commands, shutdown command requires time argument to tell when to restart the system. You can use now as the time argument to reboot the system immediately or you can provide the time using +minutes format or hh:mm format.

shutdown -r now

This will reboot the debian system immediately.

shutdown -r +5

The above command will Restart the system in five minutes. You can cancel the scheduled restart using -c option.

shutdown -c

Debian Restart Command

I would recommend you to use systemctl command to restart the debian linux or use shutdown -r if you want to schedule the restart with time delay. Reboot command is a legacy command may not be available in future Debian releases.