Install SSH Server Debian Linux

Installing SSH Server debian Linux allows us to log in to the debian server via ssh protocol. SSH is the preferred method to login to the debian from a remote location because the ssh protocol provides a secure encrypted connection over the internet.

In This Tutorial We are going to Learn How to Install SSH Server On Debian 8.3.

SSH server for debian 8.3 is provided by the openssh-server package. We can install openssh-server on debian Linux using apt-get install command.

Install openssh server on Debian 8

First update the apt source list using apt-get update command.

apt-get update

Then install the openssh server on debian using apt-get install command.

apt-get install openssh-server

Now start and enable the debian ssh server to start at system reboot.

systemctl start ssh.service

systemctl enable ssh.service

Also run netstat command to make sure that ssh port 22 is open and running.

netstat -tulnp | grep 22

Install SSH Server Debian Linux - Openssh Server Debian 8.3

You can view the status of the ssh server using systemctl command.

systemctl status ssh.service

ssh server status debian linux

What Next ?

In the Next tutorial We are going to learn How to enable root ssh login on Debian Linux.