Run Docker as non root user without sudo command

By default docker command need root permission because The docker daemon runs as the root user. So by default, either you need to be the root user or you have to run docker with the sudo command.

But, How do we run docker as non root without sudo command?

In Order to run run docker without sudo, the user must be a member of the docker admin group. First of all check whether docker group is already in your Linux system.

grep docker /etc/group

If not, Do the following steps to create docker group and run docker without sudo.

  1. First, Create the docker group:

    sudo groupadd docker
  2. Then, Restart the docker service. (This is important):

    systemctl restart docker
  3. Now, you can add the non root user to the docker group, (Replace the "username" with actual username):

    gpasswd -a username docker

Make sure that the user is in the docker admin group:

grep docker /etc/group

Now re login to the non root user account and try to run docker command without sudo.

docker images

If user is in the docker group, the user should be able to run docker without sudo.

Run Docker as non root user without sudo command