What is the difference between DNS AAAA record and A record?

A host record is the type of DNS record that resolves a particular name to a particular IP address. There are two different host record types – type A and type AAAA.

What is The difference between the two?

it is very simple, A records are for IPv4 addresses and AAAA records (This is usually pronounced quad A) are for IPv6 addresses.

Let's say you are going to host your website on a Linux Server. If the server has an IPv4 address then you need to add an A record to your domain name. If the server has an IPv6 address. Then you need to add an AAAA record.

How to Create an A Record for My Domain?

Your domain registrar should provide a control panel where you can add host records for your domain name.

dns aaaa record

If not you need to contact your domain registrar, send them the IP address of the Web Server and ask them to add a host record.

Summary: A record maps the domain to an IPv4 address, whereas an AAAA record maps domain name to an IPv6 address.