How to Mount Samba Share in Ubuntu Linux

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to mount samba share on Ubuntu.

For this tutorial I am using Ubuntu Server 16.04, But you can use the following guide to mount Samba CIFS Share in any version of Ubuntu Linux including Ubuntu Desktop.

Install cifs-utils package in Ubuntu

In order to mount Samba share on Ubuntu we need to install the cifs-utils package.

apt-get update
apt-get install cifs-utils

The cifs-utils package provides the tools and utilities that need to mount samba share on Ubuntu Linux.

Mount Samba Share using the Mount Command

After installing cifs-utils package, we can use mount command to mount samba share instantly.

mount -t cifs -o username=username //server-name/sharename /mountpoint

Once you execute the Command you will prompt for the Samba password of the samba user.

  • The Server name can be the domain name or the IP Address of the Samba Server.
  • It is also possible to provide the password with the mount command.
mount -t cifs -o username=username,password=password //server-name/sharename /mountpoint


mount -t cifs -o username=smbuser // /mnt

As per the above example, I used the mount command to mount samba share called documents from the Server The mount point is /mnt and samba user is smbuser.

How to Mount Samba Share in Ubuntu Linux
mount -t cifs -o username=smbuser,password=smbpass // /mnt

This time we also provided the password for the smbuser as a command option.

Add Samba Share to /etc/fstab

To mount samba share automatically when system reboot, We need to add an entry to the /etc/fstab file.

// /mnt cifs username=smbuser,password=abc123@# 0 0

When system reboot, Ubuntu will mount the samba share specified in the /etc/fstab file.

To check the fstab file without reboot, use the mount -a command.

mount -a

The mount -a command will Mount all filesystems mentioned in the fstab file.

Authenticate Samba Share using Credential File

We can use a credentials file that contains a username and password to authenticate the samba User.


First, we need to create the credentials file.

vim /var/credentials

Next we need to add the username and password to the credentials file as follows.


Then we can use the credentials file to mount Samba Share on Ubuntu Server.

Mount using the mount Command

mount -t cifs -o credentials=/var/credentials // /mnt

The fstab entry should be as follows.

// /mnt cifs credentials=/var/credentials 0 0

So that is how we can mount samba share on Ubuntu Linux using the CIFS Protocol.