Mount VeraCrypt Volume in Ubuntu Linux

So far we have seen how to install and create encrypted file containers in Ubuntu using VeraCrypt. Now lets see how to mount file container in Ubuntu in order to access your hidden files inside an encrypted VeraCrypt container. We can do this by using either the GUI or the terminal.

  1. Open VeraCrypt from the Application and then select a Slot number from the VeraCrypt main menu.
  2. Click Select File to select your Encrypted file container.
  3. After that, click the Mount button and enter your volume password (If you have created a hidden volume, enter the password of the hidden volume).
Mount VeraCrypt Volume in Ubuntu Linux

The mount location will be displayed next to the slot number you selected.

Ubuntu VeraCrypt Mount Location

You can open the file container by double-clicking it on the VeraCrypt volume list. Or navigate to the folder using the file manager.

We can also mount a volume from the Ubuntu terminal, for example, I will run the following command to mount a VeraCrypt volume to the /mnt directory:

sudo veracrypt -t /home/user/mydocs /mnt

Leave the PIM and Keyfile fields blank if you didn't set PIM or keyfile when you create this volume. If this is a standard volume, say No when asked whether you want to protect the hidden volume.

Mount a VeraCrypt volume from the Ubuntu terminal

You can get the list of mount containers and their mount locations with the following command:

veracrypt -t -l

To dismount a mounted volume, run:

veracrypt -t -d /mnt

If mounted volume is not specified, all volumes are dismounted.

Unmount encrypted file container