Top 5 Best SSH Clients for Windows 10

SSH is a network protocol that facilitates secure communications between two systems using a client/server architecture. It is the most common remote access method on Linux and Cisco Routers.

To connect to an SSH Server remotely, all we need is an SSH client. Windows 10 already has a command line SSH client installed. However, there are some excellent graphical terminal programs that provide more advanced functionalities.

Built-in OpenSSH Client

The good news is Windows 10 now has a command-line SSH client by default, so you can SSH to a Linux server without having to install a third-party SSH client.

Open Windows Settings, Go to Apps, and then to Optional features. Make Sure OpenSSH client is installed.

Built-in OpenSSH Client windows 10

If not, Go to Optional features and click on Add a feature button and install the OpenSSH client.

To run the ssh command you can use either Command prompt (CMD) or PowerShell Window.

PuTTY Terminal

PuTTY is the most popular SSH client used on Windows 10, it is an open-source SSH terminal emulator and is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. If you are looking for a lightweight SSH GUI, then PuTTy will be a very handy tool.

The good thing is PuTTY allows you to save SSH sessions for repeated usage. It supports Telnet, Rlogin, SCP, and raw socket connections.


MobaXterm If you want more than just an SSH Client. MobaXterm provides you with more built-in features such as session management, a better GUI, and even a local Command Prompt which you can use as an alternative to Windows CMD.

Top 5 Best SSH Clients for Windows 10

Not just SSH MobaXterm also supports other protocols such as Telnet, FTP, SFTP, Remote Desktop, and more.

However, the free edition has its limits. For example, you can save only 12 sessions. To use without limitations, you have to buy the Professional Edition.


SecureCRT is one of the oldest terminal emulators initially released in 1995. Created by VanDyke Software, it is a commercial SSH client for Microsoft Windows 10.

SecureCRT, which is considered by many as the best terminal emulator this SSH client provides some excellent built-in features, such as automatic logging, customizable scripts, and SFTP, Port forwarding, X11 forwarding, Session Manager, HTTP proxy, Scripting functions and more.


mremoteNG is a 100% free remote session manager and supports multiple protocols such as SSH, Telnet, Remote Desktop and VNC.

You can use MremoteNG as a free alternative to SecureCRT.