Windows Reboot Command, Restart Windows from Command-line

There may be a time where you need to reboot your Windows 10 PC in Command prompt. Thankfully, Windows provides a CMD command to restart the operating system from the command-line interface.

restart windows command line

The shutdown command's /r option reboot windows. For example, if you execute the following command in CMD, Windows will restart after a warning message (Usually after 30 seconds).

shutdown /r

It warns users by printing the message "You're about to be signed out" then gracefully exits all running software, writes out disk-cache information to the drives before Full shutdown and reboot the computer.

Restart Command Windows 10

The windows reboot command also has a /t option, which may be used to add a time delay before Windows/Server reboot. To perform a simple restart after a 60-second warning, run the following command in CMD:

shutdown /r /t 60

The user can cancel the pending restart with the /a switch before the timeout interval is over:

shutdown /a

To restart the computer immediately without any delay, type shutdown /r /t 0.