Shutdown Command Windows 10 – CMD Shutdown

CMD Shutdown command Windows 10

We can utilize the CMD SHUTDOWN command to perform a graceful shutdown of the computer from the command line. Using shutdown with the /s option power-off a running Windows 10 PC. Using shutdown with the /r option restarts a running Windows system.

shutdown /s

The previous command will shutdown Windows after giving a warning message. If you want to shut down your PC immediately, use the /p flag.

shutdown /p

Want to add a timed delay? We can use /t flag to add a time interval to the shutdown command. In the following example, the Windows 10 system is powered-off after a 60-second delay:

shutdown /s /t 60

We use the /t flag to indicate the number of seconds the Windows should wait before shutting down the computer.

shutdown command windows 10

An advantage of using CMD to Shut Down and restart Windows 10 is that if you add a timed delay, you can abort the shutdown with the /a flag.

shutdown /a

Command Options

The Windows CMD contains everything you need to shut down, restart, and log out your PC from the command line.

/PTurn off the PC immediately without giving a warning.
/SShutdown the PC After a warning message. Full shutdown will happen in less than 1 minute.
/RRestart Windows.
/LLog off the user.
/ACancel a system shutdown (A for Abort).
/TAdd a time delay in seconds. The default is 30 seconds.
/FForce running programs to close without a warning.
/MShutdown a remote PC on the network (e.g. /s /m \remote-pc-name).

Use the following command to Log Out the user:

shutdown /l

One can also restart Windows 10, as follows:

shutdown /r /t 60

In the previous example, Windows 10 is restarted after a 60-second delay. Using /r indicates a restart rather than a shutdown.