How to Copy from Command Prompt in Windows

The way we copy text from and paste text into the Windows Command Prompt is a little different. Because if you right click on the CMD you will not see a menu where you have the option to copy text.

Also the process is different depending on whether QuickEdit Mode is enabled or not. You can access the QuickEdit Mode window by right-clicking the title bar of the Command Prompt window and choosing Defaults.

QuickEdit Mode Windows Command Prompt

If QuickEdit Mode is enabled, to copy from command prompt, using the mouse select the text you want to copy and then press enter to copy the selected text.

copy windows cmd

To paste text into the command prompt, right click on the place where you want to paste. It will automatically paste the text where you right clicked.

If QuickEdit Mode is disabled, right click on the cmd window and choose Mark and then select the text and press enter.To paste text, right click in the CMD window and click Paste.

Alternatively, you can pull down the control menu (or right-clicking the title bar) and select Edit, Copy to copy the selected text from the command prompt.

copy from command prompt Windows 10

Keyboard shortcuts

In Order to use shortcuts like Ctrl+C to copy or Ctrl+V to paste, make sure that Enable Ctrl Key Shortcuts option is activated.

How to Copy from Command Prompt in Windows