How Enable Windows 8 Start Screen on Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Introduced New Start screen with Windows 8 instead of traditional start menu. Windows 8 start screen was especially designed for the touch devices and did not go well with the traditional desktop users. So with Windows 10 Microsoft switched back to the start menu, but start screen still available as an option.

If you are using Windows 10 on Touch Device you may want to try windows 8 like start screen on windows 10. In This tutorial we are going  to learn how to activate windows 8 start screen on Windows 10 Operating System.

  1. To enable start screen on windows 10 Click on the start button and go to settings.
    Windows 10 Settings
  2. From the settings window, go to Personalization and select start from the left menu.
  3. Then, Turn on the 'Use start Full Screen' Option to enable start screen.
    Enable Windows 10 start Full Screen

Now when you click on the start button on the desktop, you will get the Windows 8 type start screen instead of the start Menu.

Windows 8 Start Screen on Microsoft Windows 10

The Full Screen start menu is suitable for the tablet computers while Windows start Menu is best for the Desktop and Laptop Computers.