How To Enter Bios in Windows 10/11 (boot Into UEFI)

Windows 10 has a setting that lets you boot your computer into BIOS/UEFI Setup.

Do the following steps to boot into UEFI:

Open Windows Settings (press Windows key + I) and then click Update & Security.

Open Windows Settings and then click Update & Security

Select Recovery from the left side of the screen. Then, in the Advanced startup section, click the Restart now button.

windows 10 boot to bios uefi

From the Choose an option menu, click Troubleshoot.

click Troubleshoot

Next, click Advanced options to display the Advanced options menu.

Advanced options

On the Advanced options page, select UEFI Firmware Settings and then click Restart.

enter bios windows 10

Usually, we enter BIOS Setup by pressing a keyboard shortcut (F2 or Del in most computers) when prompted during boot.

However, with UEFI, if your computer is running Windows 10/Windows 11, you can also use the Advanced startup options, as shown in the previous steps.