How to Open Control Panel From CMD

In Windows 10, to open the Control Panel from CMD, type control (or control.exe) and press enter.

launch control panel from cmd
open control panel from cmd

You can also use the control command to launch the Control Panel using the Run dialog box.

control command to launch the Control Panel using the Run dialog box

The Windows control command includes options for launching individual Control Panel applets. For example, to open mouse properties, run the control mouse command.

The following table shows the list of control command options:

CommandControl Panel Applet
control wscui.cplSecurity and Maintenance
control timedate.cplDate and Time
control admintoolsAdministrative Tools
control foldersFolder Options
control desk.cplDisplay Setting
control access.cplEase of Access Center
control fontsFonts
control inetcpl.cplInternet Properties
control ncpa.cplNetwork Connections
control printersDevices and Printers
control keyboardKeyboard Properties
control mouseMouse Properties
control tabletpc.cplTablet and Pen Settings
control powercfg.cplPower Options
control appwiz.cplPrograms and Features
control scannercameraScanners and Cameras
control mmsys.cplSound
control sysdm.cplSystem Properties
control nusrmgr.cplUser Accounts
control firewall.cplWindows Defender Firewall

The location of the control panel (control.exe) in Windows 10 is C:\Windows\System32. Shortcut to open the control panel is available in the Start menu, under the Windows System.

location of control panel in windows 10
location of control panel in windows 10

In Windows 11, The Start menu shortcut is available under the All apps | Windows Tools.