Shortcut To Create New Folder in Windows 10

In this tutorial, we will learn the shortcut to create new folders in Windows (keyboard shortcut) and how to create a new folder in the command prompt using CMD or Powershell command.

Shift+Ctrl+N is the shortcut key to create a new folder in Windows 10.

shortcut to create new folder in windows

You can use this shortcut key in File Explorer and Desktop to create a new folder.

Creating Directories with mkdir

To create a directory in the command prompt, use the mkdir command (or MD command).

mkdir Newdirectory

An empty folder will be created in the current folder, but if you include the path, the command will create the folder on the specified path.

md C:\Users\user1\data

The mkdir command can create multiple directories and subdirectories at once:

mkdir data1 data2 data3
mkdir dir1\dir2\dir3

PowerShell also includes the mkdir command to create folders.

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