Shortcut To Run Command (Run Dialog Box)

If you often use the Run command, use the Windows logo key + R keyboard shortcut to display the Run box quickly.

shortcut to run command

When you press the Windows key + R, the Run dialog box appears at the left bottom corner of the Windows desktop, as shown in the following screenshot.

Run dialog box

You can also open the Run dialog box by right-clicking the start button and selecting Run from the utility menu.

start menu run command

In Windows 10, the Start menu shortcut to run command is available under the Windows System sub-menu.

In Windows 11, The Run shortcut appears under the All Apps | Windows Tools.

You can use the Run command to launch programs, folders, documents, Web sites, and more. For example, to open a command prompt, type cmd and press Enter.

Open CMD run command

To start an email message, type mailto: followed by the e-mail address of the recipient.

run command send mail