MongoDB Tutorial

How to Install MongoDB in Ubuntu Server

MongoDB is a high performance and feature rich NoSQL database and the most popular NoSQL database on the market. In this tutorial we will learn how to install MongoDB on Ubuntu Server.

How to Install MongoDB on CentOS 7

MongoDB is not available from the official CentOS 7 software repository, But MongoDB provides a yum repository for CentOS 7 which we use to install the latest version of MongoDB on CentOS 7.

How to Install MongoDB on Windows 10/Windows Server 2016

Let’s See How to install and Configure MongoDB Server on Windows 10/Windows Server 2016.

First download and install mongodb on windows, Then we will configure mongodb Data directory and setup mongodb as windows service.

Check MongoDB Version in Windows / Linux

Learn how to check MongODB version installed in your Windows / Linux / Ubuntu Server.

To check mongodb version use the mongod command with –version option.